My medical condition

Day 1

It started one month ago. A dull ache was occuring more and more frequently on my kkj. I don't know the cause, it just happened. So naturally, i got concerned and decided to visit my family doctor to have it checked. After preliminary checks, results remain inconclusive. During one of the visits to the clinic, my stepmom went with me because she was also concerned about my condition.

That day, my doctor advised to me conduct regular checks on myself in the comfort of my own home, but it would be best to have the assistance of another person to ensure they can be done more thoroughly. My doctor took the chance to speak to my stepmom about assisting me since she was present. Well it was pretty awkward because my doctor assumed she was my real mother so she was the best person to help me out.

Maybe I looked young, or my stepmom looked matured for her age. The doctor couldn't tell that we were only 10 years apart. I believe it is the former, because I get a lot of remarks from strangers that I look like a teenager despite being 22 years old. My good looking stepmom could pass for a lady in her 20s with her shapely figure and flawless skin, so it is quite hard to understand why the doctor would think she's old. Hell, even the young nurse in the clinic threw my stepmom envious glances.

As my doctor explained the need for someone to help me with my nether region checks, my stepmom blushed as she looked towards me. We were close ever since she married my Dad 6 years ago, but never THAT close. But as these things could turn out to be serious, she somewhat reluctantly agreed to help me out. The doctor taught her what to do and advised us that these checks have to be done once in every 3 days. I was still required to report back to the doctor with our findings until further notice.

With that, we left the clinic. On the way home, the realisation of the potential awkwardness hit me pretty hard. I couldn't find any words to say to my stepmom. Always the understanding one, she tried to reassure me it was going to be just a standard medical procedure, that it was going to be fine, that she doesn't mind, etc. I wasn't really listening to her. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking that the next day, I had to drop my pants in front of her.

To be continued?

Day 2

Despite attending lectures today, I could not stop thinking about the check up I was going to go through after I get home. My stepmom always knock off around 6pm and reaches home by 7pm. My Uni classes will end by 5pm and I would have to wait a little for her to be back. My classmates could tell I was bothered by something, but how could I tell them about my embarrassing situation? There's no way I would walk away with my reputation intact. This was going to be my secret and I would take it to the grave with me if I could.

After I got home, I quickly showered and switched on the television while waiting for her to come home. I wore my singlet and exercise shorts. It was around 6.30pm that I heard the footsteps of high heel shoes at the doorstep. When she opened the door, I turned and looked at her. She caught my glance and smiled. I could not see any hint of awkwardness in her eyes. She just said, “I’ll take a shower first” and walked back to her bedroom. Multiple thoughts ran through my head. Did she forget? Or was she really alright with this? I mean, come on, I’m a fully grown young man and she wasn’t even my biological mother. Was she really ready to see my private parts up close?

As I sat in the living room, 15 minutes passed when she finally emerged from her bedroom. She was wearing her old, faded t-shirt and cotton shorts. It was her usual attire around the house. Before I go on, allow me to give a description of my stepmom. For those of you who are ardent Korean pop fans, you should probably know who are Girls’ Generation. Well, my stepmom Stacy looks exactly like one of the member of this girl group by the name of Kwon Yuri. Even their dark and healthy complexion is similar.

The most notable difference between the 2 of them is their age, duh…  and their bust size. In fact, my stepmom’s naturally big breasts would put the pop star to shame. To boot, my stepmom keeps in shape with yoga and aerobics, so I can honestly say that her figure is as alluring as any woman 10 years younger with measurements of 34D-26-35. Despite her looks, she hides behind a shy demeanor and dresses pretty conservatively. People say, ‘if you have it, flaunt it’ but it curiously doesn’t apply in her case. It just baffles me when I see so many ladies with less to show, flirt like sluts.

As my thoughts strayed from the impending situation, she broke me out of my trance when she called my name, “Ray… Ray! Are we going to do as the doctor instructed or what?”

I nervously replied, “Oh… Okay… Ermm… Where shall we…?”

She took a look around the living room, then said, “Let’s go to your room. We don’t want the neighbours to walk past and catch you with your pants down right?”

I switched off the television and we went to my room. My Dad was away on an overseas work trip and there would only be the 2 of us in the house. Therefore there was no need to close the door. My room was quite small, comprising of only a bed, a writing table, a chair, and a wardrobe. As I sat in my chair, I put both hands down my side and waited. My stepmom looked at me and I think the tension was showing on my face. She knew I was troubled about exposing myself to her first time and that she had to take the initiative. Acting as the adult in this situation, she hooked her fingers on the waistband of my shorts and slowly pulled them down.

To be continued?

After she pulled my shorts to my knees, she slowly got to her knees. I was getting increasingly shy as I was seated in my chair with only my underwear covering my privates from my stepmom. She glanced at me momentarily with a hint of embarrassment and looked back down at my white briefs.

I could cut the tension with a knife as she pulled my briefs down till mid thigh. I could feel the cool air on my limp, virgin 5-inch pecker as it came into her view. She was taking it pretty well as she visually inspected my entire pubic area. After that, she used her right index finger to lift my limp penis a little higher to check under it and then cradled my balls with her left palm to lift it a little to check under them as well. Her cold hands on my private parts had an unexpected effect on them. To my absolute horror, I could feel a steady rush of blood flow to my nether region. I looked down at my penis as I could sense it beginning to harden!

I tried to fight this reaction with random thoughts of schoolwork, but who was I kidding? The only thing I could think of was what my stepmom would think if she sees my erection. Things just went out of control from there and I could feel my penis slowly rising and the knob of my penis bulging up. I didn't dare to look down because I really feared coming to terms with my stepmom's response. So I just closed my eyes and tried my darnest to will the erection away.

By now, I could no longer feel her hands on my penis. There was now utter silence in the room and I could only hear my own breathing. I opened my eyes a little to peek down and see what the situation below now was. My stepmom was just staying on her knees and looking blankly at my 7-inch semi-erection. Her eyes were wide with surprise and her cheeks were flushed red. When she realised I was peeking at her, she immediately turned her face away and pulled my briefs up to cover my private parts.

She stuttered as she said, "Ah... I... don't see anything wrong... Let this be all for today..." With that, she stood up and walked straight back to her bedroom and shut the door.

For the rest of the evening, she seemed to avoid all contact with me. Even during our dinner, she hardly spoke a word to me. It was all understandable. It was entirely my fault for letting my penis get out of control and cause the both of us this kind of awkwardness. Before this incident, I was determined to carry this out with normalcy and I blew it. I was really worried about our next check 3 days later and I went to bed with a heavy heart.

The next morning, she was her usual chirpy self. When she saw me, she greeted me as though nothing had happened yesterday. Then as we had breakfast, she took the opportunity to clarify things. She said, "Ray... I'm sorry about yesterday, I just didn't know how to react. But I guess you're a normal, healthy young man and these things happen. I believe it wasn't your intention. My standoffish behaviour must have caused you distress and I'm sorry. I just want you to know I'm alright with your... ermm... reaction. So...  no worries, okay?"

I was so glad that she wasn't angry with me. This incident has made me realised how magnanimous my stepmom was. Hearing her words really lifted a weight from my shoulders and cleared the tension between us. Suddenly, I had a good feeling about this.

To be continued?

Day 5

The past couple of days passed pretty uneventfully. We never really talked about the incident after that morning when my stepmom made things crystal clear. I guess there was no point in bringing it up again since we have reached an understanding. Since she said she could deal with my natural male reaction during these checks, I believe it was all good. My stepmom spoke with the doctor that next day and relayed the results of our check, without details of the hard on incident of course. We were told to continue with the observations. Time flew by and the day for the second check had arrived.

Like that day, I came home from school, showered and changed into a t-shirt and shorts. This time, I didn't bother to put on my briefs beforehand. I see no purpose in wearing them to make it more difficult for my stepmom to conduct the check. I was slightly unused to going commando, as there was this very naked and free-falling feeling to it. I would put on my briefs after the check anyways, so there was no problem.

I was watching tv in the living room as usual when my stepmom came home. She smiled at me and asked me about school. We chatted a bit about daily stuff, nothing out of the ordinary. A short moment later, she went to shower. She came out of the bathroom 15 minutes later, wearing a singlet and shorts. Then she went to her room and did her own things. When it was almost 7pm, she came out of her room and sat beside me on the living room couch.

She had tied her hair up in a bun and was wearing her glasses. She had always been shortsighted but she never did like to wear glasses at home unless she had to bring work home to finish. She had been doing her work halfway thru. As I watched my show, she asked, "Ray, I have some stuff from the office to do. Shall we get on with the check?"

"Sure Mom... Ready when you are." I replied sheepishly. Well, I must admit there was some awkwardness left over from the last time. But hey, we worked it out already didn't we? So i I was convinced that it would be alright this time.

We went to my room and I sat on my chair. As she kneeled down, she put both hands on either side of my shorts and pulled my shorts lower. She stopped for a split second when she realised I wasn't wearing my undies. But she shrugged it off and continued to pull my shorts down to my knees. Since she already knew what to expect, she did exactly the same as the last time. She lifted my penis and my balls to inspect the whole area. Not surprisingly, my penis started to act up and harden. This time around, she didn't flinch. She curled her fingers around my stalk as she checked. She couldn't see anything abnormal.

For the next step, the doctor had told her to look for hard bumps around my nether region, so my stepmom began to randomly press lightly on my pubes. My hard on had been steadily gaining momentum for some time now. From a semi-erection, it was quickly escalating into a full-blown one. I could tell she was having trouble maneuvering my penis as it gradually hardened. I tried to think of other things to take my mind off the sensations but those light presses around the area were stimulating me beyond my self-control. Before long, she was handling my 7-plus inch full erection in her hand.

To be continued?

"Erm.. Ray.. Let me know if you... Are uncomfortable okay?"

On the contrary, I was getting a little too comfortable. As her hand bent my shaft this way and that, it inadvertently gave me a few light pumps. I watched in silent horror as precum emerged from the eye of my penis. All her attention was focused on the surrounding area of my pubes now. But when her fingers lightly brushed over my tip and felt the droplet of moisture there, she suddenly froze. She looked at the tip and then glanced up at me.

Before she could say a word, I stuttered, "Sor.. Sorry Mom.. I.. I can't help it.. It just leaked out… Sorry... Really sorry…"

When she saw the genuinely apologetic expression on my face, her heart softened. To make me feel better, she comforted me and assured me she didn't mind. She even joked, "You know, Ray.. You could almost poke someone’s eye out with this thing.. Hahah.."

Oh man. Hearing her cute giggle at the peak of my arousal was definitely not helping. As I looked down at her kneeling in front of me in her loose singlet, I could see her skin-coloured bra through her top. It was almost like she wasn’t wearing one over her D-cup breasts. My imagination went wild. My erection twitched a couple of times in her hand and she frowned lightly at it.

"Ray, just try to relax kay? It's a little hard to do this when you can't control yourself."

"Mom... I can't help it.. It's not everyday I get my penis handled by a woman you know.. I'm sorry.. But I really don't know how to bring this under control..."

She thought for a while before replying, "Alright, I understand... But this can't go on. We need to solve this errmmm... How should I say this... Problem... Before we can do the check properly."

I felt really guilty now. Here she was, trying to help me but I was letting my hormones run wild. I could sense she was losing her patience with me. I lowered my head as I started to blame myself for being this useless. She released her grip on my still raging hard on and thought hard before telling me, "Ray, I promised I would do all I can to help you get through this and I would hate to go back on my word. If there's any solution that you think might work here, be candid and share with me okay?"

Lost deep in thought, I subconciously blurted under my breath, "Well... It just needs some relieving.. That's all..." My stepmom stared at me with a blank expression. I guess she didn't know how to react to what I said. I surprised myself too for having the audacity to say something like that.

"Huh?.. Is.. Is that the only solution, Ray? I'm not so sure if... If I should help you with something this... Errr... Personal..." She sounded confused and embarrassed. I lost all courage to reply. I was just sitting there and waiting to be reprimanded by her. To even have such a thought cross my mind was utterly wrong, much less say it in her face. I deserved to be arrested and shamed in public.

We came to a standstill. For the next few seconds, she averted my gaze. Neither of us said another word but I could see that she was actually contemplating adopting my suggestion. Her next reply shocked me even more. She looked up at me and told me straight, "Alright, if that's what I need to do to help you, fine. But don't you think dirty thoughts! Remember that I'm your Mom. And if you ever tell anyone else, I'm gonna strangle you okay?!"

To be continued?

"You.. You sure, Mom? I.. I promise.. I won't tell..."

I couldn't believe it! My stepmom actually agreed to help me out with my hard on! Damn. It was too unreal. But I wasn't sure what she was going to do. She slowly and timidly put her right hand on my still-hard penis. It jumped a little from her soft touch. Next, she wrapped her fingers around it and gently squeezed. More precum leaked out. Then she pushed her fist down towards me, exposing my entire meat helmet.

It was a bit painful when she did it a little more forcefully than I would have done. Well, I could only say I know my own dick best. Therefore it felt very different from masturbation but it was a new experience nonetheless. So I just kept my mouth shut and let her work her experience on me.

After hitting the bottom, she slowly pulled my foreskin back up over my dick head until her fist gripped my tip. Some of my precum had flowed over my skin and stained her fingers. It didn't faze her at all. She pushed it down and pulled it back up again, gradually picking up speed as she got less awkward about giving me a handjob.

I sat in the chair and looked down at her fist while she gained momentum. Before we started, we hadn't expected that my penis inspection would take long hence we didn't switch on the air-conditioning nor the fan. It definitely got warm inside my room and we were both getting a little sweaty by now. I could see her chest glistening and her thighs getting wet from her perspiration. I could even smell a brief hint of her bodily aroma.

The cushioned seat of my chair was getting damp as sweat broke out on my own body. Still, my stepmom kept her focus on her right fist on my erection as she worked it up and down. It was like she hadn't realised how hot the room had gotten. Her eyes were seemingly mesmerised by the constantly leaking tip of my manhood. I didn't need to say a word anymore. She was operating on auto pilot as if her womanly instincts had taken over. On a side note, I could have sworn that I saw her lick her upper lips lightly as she worked on my erection.

It took about a minute of her hand stroking me before she was fisting my shaft at full speed. She was going fast. That was alright with me because deep down inside, I was really afraid this was going to affect my relationship with her so I wanted this to end quick. But what I was not really alright with, was that she was doing it a little too hard. The upstroke was not the problem, but the downstroke when she hit my hilt while pulling on my foreskin was quite painful. It felt like she was trying to jam my foreskin down off my dick head.

As much as I wanted to let her work her magic on me, I finally couldn't help but wince in pain on one of those downstrokes. Upon hearing that, she snapped out of her daze and stopped right away. I sensed what looked like slight disappointment on her face but I could have been mistaken. She didn't lift her hand off my shaft and I just waited for her next reaction.

To be continued?

For the next few seconds, she made no move. Not knowing what to think, I started to step back but she didn’t soften her grip on my hard on.

"Wait Ray... I think this will help…”

She cocked her head closer and let a thin string of spit trickle down the head of my dick. Then she slowly worked her fist up and down, adding her dribble as lubricant. As she worked it over my dick, it blended with my precum and my painfully hard shaft glistened in the mixed fluid. It was much easier for her to stroke me now and she started to speed up again. It felt so much better as well, and my precum just kept coming.

She bit a side of her lower lip as she continued working her right fist my pole, and I thought her expression resembled a schoolgirl reluctantly doing her homework. As her fingers could hardly go all the way round my thick girth, she almost lost her hold on some strokes. Intuitively, she curled her left hand on my cock as well. Now she was using both hands to maintain a firm hold on me as she gave me a thorough stroke down.

I kept my eyes fixed on her. My usually mature, level-headed, prim and proper stepmom was captivated by the sight of my hard-as-nails erection in her hands. From this top-down angle, I admired her thin fringe partially obscuring her face, flawless complexion and soft facial features. Never had I imagined there would be a day when my stepmom’s beautiful face would come so close to the tip of my raging erection.

Then my eyes drifted further south. First thing I saw was her deep cleavage, a result of her sizable jugs being constricted within her body hugging singlet. Sweaty moisture on the top of her tanned breasts formed droplets and dripped down into that cleavage. My dick jumped a little when I saw that. But she didn’t miss a beat as she kept both hands on me.

I also noticed that she had clamped her damp thighs shut as she knelt in front of me. There was some suspicious slight fidgeting from her hips now and then. I could be wrong, but I think it would be pretty hard for any woman not to think dirty thoughts when they are giving a handjob to a fully erect manhood.

It was a sight for sore eyes. Combine those with her slim built, smooth skin, and falling and rising chest in tandem with her strokes, and I would confidently bet that any man would give his life to be in my position. But the bad news is, with her constant, almost frantic pace of strokes, I could feel the onrush of my climax almost upon me. I hesitated to warn her because her handjob just felt first-class and I loved every second of her hand on my erect cock. Before I knew it, it was too late.

To be continued?

I could feel the cum rush from the depths of my pubes, through my meat shaft and burst out. It caught her completely by surprise. My man juices sprayed on her square on her face while she was still stroking my cock. She shut her eyes as I stunned her with the force of my gushing jets. Because of the pain in my cock, I had not been masturbating for a few days now. My cum was quite thick and voluminous. She immediately pulled my dick downwards, away from her face as the subsequent smaller spurts hit her chest.

I spewed the last few shots right on the top of her cleavage and they flowed down and in between her breasts. In seconds, my climax came to an end and the leaking cum stopped. When she felt that the eruptions had ceased, she let go of my cock. Due to the cum on her face, she couldn’t open her eyes. She had to slowly get back up on her feet using her hands on my body to guide her.

As she couldn’t see, she didn’t know she was placing her attractive face dangerously close to my somewhat still erect meat pole. The cum on her face had run down to her nose. To avoid breathing in the cum juice, and she had to use her mouth to take in air. When she started to raise herself, my wet tip brushed against her appealing and slightly open lips. I could feel the tip of her tongue on the soaked and sensitive eye of my cock.

The electrifying sensation caused the muscles on my butt to tense a little, and a drop of residual cum from the depths of my shaft leaked onto her lips. She immediately cocked her head backwards to avoid my cock. But what she did caused that cum to leave a string of viscous cum fluid to stretch from my dick’s eye to her lips. Man, that was a sexy sight. It looked like she had just sucked my manhood and this string of cum was the evidence.

When she stood up, she lifted the bottom of her singlet to wipe her eyes. Since I was still sitting in the chair, I stared up at the bottom of her bra-covered tits. Damn it… Those considerable mounts of tit flesh never looked so enticing to me before. That under-boob view gave me a whole new perspective on her. No girl on campus had made me as horny as I was right then. Looking at her wiping her face with her tits jiggling under, my manhood started to rise again.

When she could open her eyes, she looked down at me. Her eyes locked on my cock and I guess she noticed it rising again. Right away, her expression was one of displeasure surprise and a little something else. I can’t describe what it was exactly. She just stood there staring at my twitching and hardening shaft. My cock was still gleaming in cum and here I was, ready again. This was my stepmom after all. I was thoroughly embarrassed and I didn’t know what to say to her.

“M… Mom…”

Without waiting for me to finish, she turned, ran back to her room and slammed the door. I was so dead. I can’t imagine what she would do to me after this. However, part of me couldn’t stop thinking about what just transpired. Flashes of her giving me the handjob and the momentary touch of her lips on my cum covered cock tip kept replaying in my mind. I stayed in my chair with my lingering erection. Unable to help it, I started to stroke myself for relief.

To be continued?

The next day, she started avoiding me again. This time, it's worse. She didn't even look me in the eye anymore. Every time our eyes met, she could probably see the change in my perception of her. I can't deny it. I had started to see her as a woman. Not just as my stepmom, but as an attractive, full-bodied, mature woman. A woman who could give a man much pleasure.

Maybe it was the embarrassment of stroking me off. Worse, maybe it was the womanly instinct that told her I wanted much more than a hand job that day. It's hard to hide something like that. I guess it was pretty obvious how much she had turned me on yesterday.

That scene of my erect manhood in her face was burned into my memory. I couldn't stop thinking about it. If only she had opened her mouth wider. If only I had edged it closer to her lips. If only... If only... Damn... All these thoughts were driving me crazy.

Day 7

It was our scheduled visit to the clinic again. The silence in the car was very awkward. It has been 2 days since she started avoiding me, but I was grateful that she kept her word to see the doctor's instructions through to the end.

At the clinic, my doctor had a pretty amused expression while looking thru my file. Then she said, “Ray, I have good and bad news for you. Which do you wanna hear first?”

Shit, that was pretty unnecessary. Might as well just tell me right? I’ve been thinking about what’s wrong with me for the past couple of weeks for God’s sake. So tell me already!

Anyway, I replied, “Good news first then…”

“Ahem… Well, there’s nothing seriously wrong with you down there… In fact, you’re experiencing a rare medical condition that would make you the envy of every guy on earth. You see… That dull pain in your nether region is caused by a belated growth spurt of your… umm… penis.”

That sure took me by surprise. She was right, it was a very pleasant surprise. So I pushed on, “Can you elaborate, doc? How much am I growing? How long is it gonna last? How about the pain I’m feeling?”

She replied, “It’s really the very first time I’m handling such a case. But there’s really nothing to worry about. Case studies indicate that the pain isn’t long term. And the degree and duration varies from patient to patient. So you need to be under continued observation.

“But this is where the bad news come in… I’ll be upfront with you. You need to perform masturbation every 3 days to collect semen samples for tests. These tests are merely precautionary. I know it hurts, but just follow thru with it okay? I just wanna make sure you’ll be fine.”

Dear me… I was listening to all this details from the doctor. It was pretty awkward stuff. I side-glanced at my stepmom. She was trying to keep a straight face, acting nonchalant. But I know it was uneasy for her while the doctor revealed such personal details about my condition.

To be continued?

My stepmom was getting a little fidgety in her seat while taking in all this. I don’t think she would have liked to know how often I’d be masturbating in my room during this period. It was too much embarrassingly private information. But most of all, the imperative issue was whether she had to go along with this next step.

Finally, she couldn’t hold it in anymore and inquired further, “So… So Doctor Tan, do I need to help him with this… err… collecting of… his… his sperm?”

The doctor continued, “Relax Mrs Lim… From here on, I believe it’s alright for Ray to collect these samples by himself. I mean, it wouldn’t be reasonable for me to request you to help him with this kind of things. It would be so embarrassing for you… Hahah…”

My stepmom heaved a sigh of relief. She could escape this troubling predicament at long last. This news was like a rainbow after the storm to her and I finally saw her smile again. She had pulled a long black face ever since that incident 2 days ago. She was a decent lady with a strict and proper upbringing after all. It was just downright unthinkable for her to be handling her stepson’s cock.

This bout of so-called good news, however, dampened my spirits a little. I know it’s unnatural for us to have gone on that way but still, I couldn’t help feeling disappointed. My stepmom was the most beautiful woman I know. I had the privilege of feeling her hands on my meat rod but I honestly can’t say it was enough for me.

Doctor Tan instructed me to pull my pants down for her to take a measurement of my penis as a record. Well, I really couldn’t tell if I had grown at all down there. I had always been a studious kid and I didn’t have a habit of playing with my dick too much. I really can’t recall the last time I bothered to take note of my penis length. But now that my doctor had brought this condition to my attention, 7 full inches at erection was indeed a little larger than I had remembered it to be.

While my stepmom was still beaming with gladness, my doctor said, “However Mrs Lim, if it isn’t too much hassle, can I trouble you to take these length measurements on my behalf? I will be away to attend a medical convention in Hong Kong and I won’t be back till 2 weeks later.”

I could almost hear my stepmom’s heart drop once again. She stared at Doctor Tan, utterly speechless.

Immediately sensing her shock, the doctor added, “But… It’s not that important actually. They’re just for my observation and record. We can always do those 2 weeks later, you know... Hahah…”

The atmosphere in the room sure got awkward. But being a soft-hearted person that my stepmom was, she just couldn’t find it in her to reject the doctor’s plea for a little help.

She timidly answered, “O…Okay… I guess I’ll help. It’s just for another 2 weeks… I should be alright… I guess…”

My stepmom was helplessly cornered by her own niceness. I had a feeling this was to be her downfall. Not only was she going to be seeing more of my meat stick up close, she would probably find out just how hard I can get.

To be continued?

Day 10

Ever since we came back from the visit to the clinic, she resumed her torturous silent treatment towards me. For days she went about her daily routine while treating me like I'm invisible. We did not even have our meals together anymore. All she did was leave a note saying, "I will be busy these days. You'll have to eat out. I'm sorry. Love, Mom."

That's actually quite alright with me. I'm not fussy about not having home-cooked food. But the one thing that really bothered me was her cold shoulder. We have always been close and talked about anything. She treats me like her real son, though I can't say I treat her like my real mom. But I have always treated her with at least the respect for a big sister. Come on, you can't blame me. She's older than me by just 10 years, plus she looks younger than her actual age.

But after what we had been through, I can't say for sure I see her in the same light as before. My respect for her is still intact, but I also became fully conscious that she's also a very appealing-looking woman. Whenever she walks around the house in her usual outfit of singlet and shorts, I can't help but steal glances at her.

She always has this uncaring and nonchalant expression on her face. My friends call her the ice queen in college. Why is she famous with my friends, you ask? Well, there was one time when my classmates came to my house to do a project. Maybe I was used to seeing my mom in her casual but somewhat skimpy home clothes. But she nearly drove my male classmates crazy with infatuation with her awesome figure underneath.

It was really embarrassing. Back on campus, they spread rumours that my stepmom's hot body was stuff wet dreams are made of. It was further said that the guys who met her had the image of her ample cleavage under her singlet burnt forever into their memory. Some of them even wanted to hang out and hold parties at my place, but I always brushed them off.

All that while, I always dismissed their over-the-top reactions as a prank on me. But now I could see a little of the truth behind their exaggeration. Whenever I recollected the day she was on her knees holding me softly in her timid hands, her damp hot body glistening in afternoon humidity, it would always end with me jerking off in my room. That incident between us made me feel like I just had a taste of something I could never truly have. It only made me want it more. And I really hated that.

To be continued?

Besides having our meals separately, there is one more routine that changed. These days, she brings work home and just immerses herself in it. Then she watches TV in her room for the rest of the night. She has started going to bed an hour earlier than her usual bedtime at 12 pm. But I notice that the dim light under her closed door and I could hear the soft chattering of TV dramas.

I didn't think much of it. She's just tired I guess. But the strange thing is, she never used to lock her door. I was a little hurt. Did she think I would turn into an animal and barge through her door one day and do things to her? I may have shown her my lustful side but I'm not nuts. As much as I fantasise about her, I would never force her to do something like that against her will.

And tonight, something stranger happened. It was past 11 pm but she suddenly emerged from her room while I was watching TV in the living room. She didn't even look at me as she ghosted past me to the door with her wallet in her hand. She didn't even bother to change out of her thin, revealing singlet.

Where could she be going at such a late hour? What's the rush? I looked towards the closed door of her bedroom. She made me a little curious. In her urgency, she couldn't have locked the door. So I put my hand on the door knob and turned. Yup, it wasn't locked. I stepped inside and looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for a faint smell of her natural body scent. And then a hint of something else in the air. A different and unfamiliar, but yet apparently bodily scent.

It didn't smell like perfume but I could at least tell it was definitely organic. I have been in her room before and I have never encountered this before. Since she wouldn't be back immediately, I thought it no harm to have a look around. I had nothing better to do and this would just take a while. I just had to be careful with her stuff and I was sure she wouldn't notice.

I didn't want to rummage through her drawers. That would be just rude. I caught a glimpse of her messy sheets. There was something oddly shaped almost peeking out of the corner of her covers. I stepped nearer and lifted it a bit. My jaws dropped. Laying beneath was a manhood-shaped toy. I had never touched one of these before and I wasn't about to. But what was she doing with something like that? It was obvious.

To be continued?

That thing had to be out of batteries. In the middle of her relief, no less. I took a closer look at it. That damn toy was still wet. The length of it was average, I would say about 5 inches. I smiled to myself. It was even smaller than me. But the girth of it was about right. As I recalled, with her small hands, she could not wrap her fingers around me. She most definitely would need both hands to manipulate this thing.

Well, a woman has her needs too. Judging from the amount of moisture on that toy, she must have been using it for quite a while before the batteries suddenly died on her. She must have been pretty damn close, or she wouldn't rush out to get them in this time of the night. I wondered how intense she was going at it. Could she fit the whole length inside her? Did it fully satisfy her? Who was she thinking of?

I reached my hand out and touched it with my index finger. Then I rolled the slightly viscous liquid between my fingers and smelled it for a second. Yup, that was the same foreign scent in the room. Slightly musky but quite faint. My stepmom has always been a health and hygiene-obsessed lady. It was no surprise her body smelled pleasant outside and in.

I gripped her toy and squeezed the female juices from the bottom to the tip, milking as much as I could onto the palms of my hand. Then I hid the toy back in the covers and left her room the way it was. I took great care to make sure nothing was out of place before closing the door behind me.

Next, I switched off the TV in the living room, went back to my room and locked the door. I masturbated to thoughts of her while stroking myself with my juiced-up right hand. All the while, I imagined that it was her pussy massaging my fully erect manhood. In just a under a minute, I blew my load. A feeling of emptiness befell me almost immediately. I felt so lame and pathetic that I wanted to cry. This was my stepmom, and I felt like a pervert.

To be continued?

Day 11

Today is the scheduled check cum measurement that my doctor had tasked my mom with. After school, I headed straight for home to do my schoolwork and also to wait for her to come back. I hope she hadn't forgotten about this. Last night, I never came out of my room after relieving myself to thoughts of her. But I did hear her come back shortly after I finished with myself. She went back to her her room and the night ended like that.

In my usual home clothes of shorts and tee, I hadn't bothered with my underwear like the last time we did this check. I would probably jack myself off right after she leaves my room anyway. So what's the point, I thought. The anticipation of my sexy stepmom's hands on me were enough to make me erect. The image of her beautiful face just an inch away from the pointy tip of my manhood, so menacing and dangerously close to her flushed cheeks and succulent lips, were making me twitch below.

I watched TV and waited till just a little past 5.30 pm when I heard the sound of keys outside the door. My heart raced. I couldn't explain the euphoria at that moment. I was as excited as a schoolboy about to watch my first porn video. As I watched her slim, curvy back as she took her shoes off, her bubble butt stuck out towards me as she bent forward. Man, would I want to have my hands on that hot ass.

She turned and saw me gawking but she pretended not to notice. It was the silent treatment again. I'm cool with that. After what I found last night, I realised she's just a woman with needs too. My Dad had been away for quite some time too, so it's been hard on her. I stood there staring blankly as I thought to myself. With just a glance at me, she knew what I was waiting for.

"Okay Ray, let's get this done. I have work to do."

I said, "Uh.. O.. Okay, but you're not going to change?"

"Nah.. It's alright. It wouldn't take long right?" She said as she threw a suspicious look at me.

I was slightly intimidated and answered, "No Ma'am.. I guess not."

I thought we were going back to my room but she just pointed to the living room sofa and told me to sit down. Then she pulled all the curtains down. I guess after the last time, she was apprehensive about coming into my room this time. I can understand that, she's afraid I would get too comfortable again.

With unclean thoughts running through my head recently, I could hardly keep from having an erection at this point. As she hooked her fingers on my waistband and pulled my shorts down to mid-thigh, my semi-erect pole sprang up and almost hit her in the cheeks. She stared at my engorged tip and her mouth opened as if she's a little astonished.

To be continued?

"R... Ray! What... I mean... How am I supposed to do the check with... oh my... this?" Her widened eyes never left the tip of my dick as she protested. I wasn’t supposed to be erect while taking the measurements.

"I... I dunno!... All I did was think about the check and... this happened!! I swear to God I didn't want this..." I half-lied. Sure I was hot for her, but springing an erection in her face was sure to piss her off. I had intended to start off normally and hold off this reaction for as long as I could until the inevitable. At least I could blame it on my male reflexes because of her hands on my penis. Now, this was pushing it.

"You could have told me before I pulled down your... I can't... Oh God..." she was utterly perplexed and covered her face with her hands in frustration as she remained kneeling in the floor. There was an awkward silence between the both of us and the soft sounds on the TV had become rather deafening. My hardened meat was still waving in the air as I sat on the sofa and waited for her to decide what to do.

A moment later, sounding troubled with her face still buried in her hands, she said, "Okay Ray, tell you what... I promised I'll help you out till the doctor comes back and I'll keep my promise. It's just a couple more times we have to do this, at least don't behave like you're enjoying it! I can't take it!! I'm still your stepmother and you have to have some decency towards me!!"

I quickly nodded. I was grinning in my heart. I'm not asking for much, just a hand from a beautiful woman. Never mind she's my stepmother or not. I should be feeling guilty about this but I couldn't care less. I was sick of jacking off by myself and I needed a little help from her that's all, I justified to myself. Nothing else matters for now.

She looked up at me with an annoyed expression as she gripped my erect cock with one hand and started stroking. She was observing my reaction as she did it. She was obviously ready to abandon this little fiasco of mine if she sensed even a little exploitation of her kindness. I tried not to let my euphoria show. It was starting to feel good and this pretense was a little hard to keep up.

She kept up a steady rhythm of strokes but at that pace, all she was doing was helping me maintain my erection. She even applied her saliva like the last time to grease me up in case I got abrasions. She had to keep spitting onto my penile tip whenever she felt that the grip got dry. It helped to ease the strokes, but it wasn't doing enough to make me cum. Before I knew it, we were 5 minutes into it but I still wasn't even close to coming at all. I needed a little more stimulus. And she too was getting restless from stroking my meat.

"This could take forever..." she muttered as she pondered to herself. She moved her face close enough to touch my cock and then looked up at me. Showing a little annoyance, she said, "Close your eyes, Ray. I don't want you to be looking." I didn't know what to expect, but I complied anyway. After I shut my eyes, there was no movement from her. I could sense her uncertainty and apprehension about what she was about to do next.

But after about 5 seconds into the passive stillness, I suddenly felt her cautious wet tongue flick onto my sensitive penile head. My eyes almost flew open again. With just the tip of her tongue, she licked around the circumference of my meaty head. God, it was more than I bargained for. While I was still in shock from my first such experience, she lightly dabbed her tongue downwards along my length from my tip to the base of pole. Then she plastered her tongue on my base, dragged her tongue wetly back up to the top and circled it around my tip.

I could feel her blowing hot breath on my sensitive meat helmet. My cock was jerking uncontrollably from the stimulation and she had to use both hand along the length of my shaft to hold me still while she teased the tip. After a few more seconds of licking around the top, she engulfed the head with her mouth. I opened my eyes a little to peek down. I saw the contours of her wet lips were a perfect match around the shape of my angry, swollen penile head as she held me in her mouth. She must have tasted my precum while she licked and sucked me inside her mouth, I thought to myself.

To be continued?

From holding my tip in her mouth, she slowly descended. I could myself sliding down her oral cavity, coming into her throat. When she had taken about 6 of my thick 7 inches, she gagged and slowly pulled back from my shaft. There were tears in her eyes as I could see her valiant effort in trying to take all of it. She coughed a little as my meat stick exited. After wiping her tears away, she glanced at my face once more to check if I was looking. I shut my eyes instantly before she realised.

I peeked down at her again and she was just holding me in both palms, staring intently at my meat stick. A few seconds later, she took me in her mouth once again. She sucked along the upper half of my length, giving most of her attention to my sensitive meat tip. She took care to work her tongue around me. Every now and then, she slid her tongue down to my root and licked around my testicles, not forgetting to give them a tantalizing tongue bath.

As she licked back up, suddenly with a fierce determination, she went down as far as she could. This time, she managed to take almost my entire boner before coming back up to breathe. I was truly impressed with her fighting spirit. I didn't even remember to shut my eyes as I was engrossed in the sensations of her deepthroats. While I blankly looked down as she licked and sucked, she glanced at me again and caught me this time.

She pulled her mouth off my cock straight away and snapped angrily, "Ray!... I said no looking! Didn't you understand a word I was telling you?!"

"But Mom... It felt so good... I... I can't help myself from looking while you... Ermmm..."

She went on, "I'm only trying to help you get rid of this... hard on... and you shouldn't be watching me... do this..."

She had no idea how much I was enjoying this. How I needed this very badly. But I had to try not to let it show as I replied, "It's alright Mom... I know you're just trying to help. I won't tell anyone! I promise!!!"

"I'll literally kill you if you leak this out, Ray!! An... And you better come soon... you're taking too long..."

I think she was getting impatient again. She cautiously looked into my eyes as she pulled my erection down towards her face. I gave a sheepish smile, indicating that I'm fine with it. While still looking up at me, she pointed my meat stick at her mouth and resumed sucking. I looked at the mirror at my side. This was like a scene from a porn video where an office lady sucks a naked man while on her knees. But the biggest difference is, we are stepmom and stepson.

Just then, something I saw in the mirror caught my attention. While on her knees, her left hand let go of me and dropped south. Her hand stopped just between her legs and idly hung there. Her eyes were close by now but she kept up with the licks and sucks, occasionally taking me full length into her mouth. She gagged less and less.

To be continued?

All of a sudden she paused and said, "Can you close your eyes, Ray?... I don't want to keep repeating myself..."

I obediently obliged. But I tilted my head towards my wardrobe mirror. I opened my eyes just a little to keep watching her. Once she thought I wasn't looking anymore, her idle hand dipped between her legs. I couldn't see what was going on in the shadow under her skirt but there was a continuous rubbing motion from her hand. She closed her eyes again, and resumed sucking and licking but a little more fervently now.

She began moving her head more and and the tongue action got a little more eager. She even tried a few angles as she deepthroated me, to try to take my thickness more comfortably. And I also noticed the movement of her rubbing hand between her legs got a little faster and her breathing quickened.

As she worked on me, she couldn't help but slobber a little as she got into her rhythm. I could feel her saliva running down my erect shaft as she alternated between sucking, licking and deepthroating. It got so wet to the point her spit dripped from my balls. She didn't care. She was thoroughly engrossed in doing all she can to make me cum. I was highly suspicious of whether she was doing it for me like she claimed, or for her own gratification at this point.

But that wasn't important now, was it? I was having the most erotic time ever, having my fuck stick sucked within an inch of it's young life, by my stern and beautiful stepmom no less.

As the temperature in the living room got impossibly humid now, she pulled her mouth off me and took her cotton blazer off. She unbuttoned the top 2 buttons of her white, thin work shirt and pushed her collar wide open to let some heat out. I could see the droplets of sweat on the healthy, tanned skin of her heaving chest. Those droplets rolled down into her cleavage as she moved to fold and put her blazer away.

I watched till I gulped. I could smell the body sweat from the both of us, mixed with a hint of her perfume. Satisfied and feeling orderly now, she leaned forward and captured the head of my leaking cock with the tip of her tongue, and continued leaning into my lap as her sweet mouth descended on me again. As if forgetting something, she quickly removed her right hand from my shaft and took an elastic hair band out from her skirt pocket. She then lifted her left hand and swept her hair from the cheeks of her face.

While doing this, her mouth never once left my saliva-coated and painfully erect manhood. Next, she reached both hands up and behind her to tie her hair into a pony tail. As she arched her back and tied her hair, her stretched and somewhat strained body came into a perfect S-shape. It greatly enhanced the curves on her already-awesome figure.

From both our side views on the mirror's reflection, I could see her working her tongue. She was bobbing and tilting her face while sucking me hands-free. I could also see her slightly overflowing saliva running down my length every now and then as she tirelessly worked on me. This erotic visual combination blew my mind. I could feel myself getting close.

To be continued?