Just now my young aunt sat on my lap

My mom has a 35 year old single younger sister. We are all very close and today we helped her to move house. After we packed everything and were about to leave, we realised there was not enough room in the car for everyone to sit. My dad was driving, my mom sit in front, and the back seats was fully stacked with stuff. No choice lor, she have to sit on my lap. I was wearing shorts and have a habit of going commando. I'm a 23 year old young man with a little experience with women. How to tahan a 35 year old slim and shapely lady wearing a short dress on my lap?

 When she sat down on my lap, i realised my limp kkj was pointing between her butt crack. I was hoping she doesn't back up into me and feel me poking her behind. As we got on the way, the bumps and swerves made her grind her butt into my lap. Damn it, my kkj was getting hard. Then when my dad had to jam brake bcos of a lady driver, she almost fell off me. When she sat back on my lap, she made sure to back up all the way onto me. My half hard kkj was trapped under her, pressed directly under her dress.

 Maybe she felt me poking thru my shorts into her from below, but she didn't say anything. She continued to make small talk with my parents. I decided I had to adjust my kkj to make the poking less obvious to her but I can't use my hands with her on top of me. I tried to think of the upcoming presidential election and Tony Tan's face to make my hardness go away but it was not working. Every bump on the road was working against me. Every thrust of her butt on my kkj was making me harder. Until I am very sure she could feel my erection thru the thin cloth of her short dress.

 I also realised my kkj is directly under the entrance of her cheesepie. I was praying very hard that she did not realise I was having a full blown erection bcos of her. I would die of embarrassment. Then at a road hump, as if she read my mind, she lifted herself a little and allowed my erect kkj to spring back towards my abdomen. When she sat back down again, my kkj was trapped between her butt crack. The two of us were then very quiet in the car. Only my parents were chattering on and on.

 When I looked down, my kkj has made a wet spot on my shorts. This was going to be very hard to explain later. I don't think they would believe it was sweat. Anyway, as the journey continued, her butt crack was somehow massaging my kkj thru my shorts bcos of her movements in the car. I needed release very badly now. Her butt was driving me insane. I decided to take a risk.

Hoping that my aunt doesn't notice, I peeled back the top of my shorts to expose my kkj head to try to masturbate a little. I thought that after I pew pew, my erection subside, there won't be a tent in my shorts when we arrive at our destination. If my parents saw that they would kill me. I took an empty vase from one of the boxes and was ready to proceed as planned. Bloody hell, there was another bump and this time, my aunt was lifted up by the force and unintentionally sat back down on my very erect kkj.

 This time, my shorts were pulled down from the waist as her weight crashed down on my kkj. The friction of her dress on my naked kkj was too much for me. I groaned quite loudly and she turned her head to check on me. I saw her concerned face was red from embarrassment and there was something else from the look on her face. She was biting her lower lip and her eyes were glazed and half closed. I think she had been single for too long liao. She had her last bf two years ago. All that sexual tension with no release has also been very hard on her.

 That look on her face caught me by surprise and she could tell from my expression. She quickly turned away from me and pretended that nothing was happening. I was now very sure she could feel my erect kkj below poking up into her. All that prevented me from breaching her cheesepie was her dress and panties. The turn of events was really unexpected. Now, I don't know what to do. If she got up from my lap, my kkj was going to spring into full view of everyone in the car. I was so screwed by the situation.

 Suddenly, her hands dipped between her thighs and she adjusted her position on my lap. There was a little fidgeting and a few seconds later when I saw her hands, I noticed her fingers were wet. I looked down on her thighs and saw her panties were pulled down to mid thighs. Now, only her short and sweat-soaked dress was the only barrier between my kkj and her cheesepie. The dress had ridden a little higher than before. Just an inch higher, and our naked private flesh would be rubbing in full contact. I had to keep reminding myself this was my dearest young aunt on my lap.

I was contemplating what I should do now. Since she already knew my kkj was rubbing on the door to her cheesepie and she still pulled down her panties, it was obvious she was ready to go all the way with me. The car ride was making us grind against each other. Her fists were gripping the front seat shoulders very tightly. I could see from the rear mirror that her eyes were shut and her face was deep in concentration. I guess my hardness must be now rubbing against her sweetest spot.

 Another few minutes of this felt like an hour. I think it was driving her crazy as well. Suddenly, she lifted herself off me about half an inch and flipped up the back of her skirt. That was it. Now i could feel her nether lips on my 2nd in-charge. My years of pcc practice did not come in vain. If I had less control, I would have shot out my pew pew out in front to the dashboard. There was no way I would let that happen. Being totally fugged would be an understatement.

 But if don't pew in front, what option would I have? And my young aunt starting to slide herself along my length was definitely not helping. Her hot juices were seeping down and soaking the car seats. The smell of girl juice would have given us away if not for the stinking boxes in the car. My most pressing problem would be my pew pew since my kkj is pointing infront. That would be a disaster.

 As if she read my mind, she did the only thing that would not give us away. She dipped her right hand down and bent my kkj head upwards towards her cheesepie entrance. Right at her nether lips. OMG, what we were about to do would get us both in prison. With a last shred of sensibility, this thought flashed across my mind. My parents will disown me. My face would be in the papers and my life would be ruined even after prison.

At the thought of the consequences, I tried to reached out in front and pull her right hand away to stop her. She gave me pinch on the inside of my thigh and I gave a yip. My mom turned around and asked me if her sister was too heavy for me. I gave an awkward smile back at her and said my aunt was pretty light, just that my lap was getting numb. My aunt gave an awkward laugh and said I was just being sweet and her hours of yoga might have paid off. At the same time, I felt an appreciative stroke of her hand on my kkj to return the compliment. As if trying to break my spirit, her stroking continued in a slow and constant pace. It was firm enough to give me maximum hardness but not fast enough to make me pew.

 My dad then said we are reaching in about ten minutes. Damn it, I thought. When everyone gets off the car, my fully erect kkj would be exposed to everyone. If I stopped my aunt from stroking me and concentrate hard enough, I may be able to make my erection subside. I tried to pull off her right hand on my kkj again but his time I accidentally grazed her cheesepie lips with my fingers. She shuddered and gave a soft moan. Luckily my parents did not hear that. She quickly pinched my thigh again but I endured the pain. Seeing that it did not work, she pinched me right on my kkj head. The pleasure shot through the roof and almost made me pew. That softened my grip on her wrist.

 She took the chance and squeezed in my kkj between the folds of her lips. I felt my tip slip into an extremely hot velvet oven. Rather than go too far, the best option would be for me to shoot now and have my pew juice run down her outer lips than shoot deep inside her and get her pregnant. I could hear her heavy breathing and I knew she had lost all self control long long ago. My mom could feel her breathing down her neck and turned to ask if she was alright. My aunt said that she was feeling a warm but it was nothing to worry about. While talking to my mom, she was trying to push herself 45 degrees downwards towards my kkj. Damn it, she was trying to push me in balls deep.

 I tried to fight her by squeezing my kkj inwards so that it doesn’t get any further in. She tried using her hand to grip my kkj again but I reached infront to stop her. As if finally relenting, she released my kkj and proceeded to stroke her pleasure pearl. Since she was not going to push me further in, I should just let her stroke herself and get this over with. Her breathing got heavier and heavier and I could feel her trembling above me. Her climax must be very near liao. Finally, I thought we could stop before things get out of hand and I let down my guard. I was so wrong.

Thinking that she would give up just like that was the biggest mistake I made. Her right hand immediately went from her pleasure knob to my kkj. Her fingers curled around my length and positioned it for entry. Luckily from her sitting position on my lap, she wasn’t able to adjust my kkj very well. The space constraint did not allow her to get that angle that would make my kkj slide all the way in. She improvised and leaned forward to ask my mom some cooking questions. At the same time, she lifted her butt off me and used her hand on my kkj to position me at the right angle for entry.

Luckily all the boxes and her belongings were blocking my parents’ view. They were still unsuspectingly chatting with my aunt. While talking to my mom, she remained lifted a few inches off my lap. Then she pointed my kkj at her pearl and teased it a bit first. I could see her sweat soaking thru her dress now. The thin dress stuck to her body and her slim and nubile figure was now more obvious. Her long hair was sticking to her wet and sexy neck. I could see every curve she had. Her body was shaking in anticipation at the imminent penetration.

As if she had teased herself enough, she suddenly sat back down on me with her full weight. Maybe that was partly to punish me for not helping her and purposely making this difficult for her. At first I felt the painful thrust of her butt on my lap. After the pain subsided, I realised a searing hot sensation below. More specifically, that sensation was around my length. That warmth was nothing I had experienced before. It felt infinitely better than my right hand in a way I couldn’t put into words. I looked down between us and I saw my aunt’s butt had backed up all the way into my abdomen.

I could not see the whole situation now but this new sensation surrounding my entire length was the only thing I could think about. I could not care whether the whole world finds out about us. All I want is the sensation to continue massaging my length. At first, I could not believe she really did it. I noticed she was suddenly out of breath and gyrating, writhing her sexy neck and back as if in serious pain. Then, I finally accepted that she had just impaled her slim frame on my kkj, all the way to my hilt.

Since I had been visiting Geylang for some time now, I immediately realised she was much tighter than any of the youngest FLs I had ever piaked. It felt almost like I was piaking a young virgin girl. Maybe I should declare first that I am not very big. I am around seven inches when full blown erect. While a FL will not have any problems with me, I am not so sure about my rarely laid young aunt who had not had any action for two whole years.

It felt like I was breaking her in all over again and I was pretty honoured and privileged to be that guy. As much as I knew this was wrong, her feeling of her cheesepie around my kkj just felt too good. I had never been more desperate for relief and the only solution would be to go along with my aunt. She was slowly getting used to my entire length inside her until she eventually stopped her trembling and writhing, and kept very still on my lap. Her breath was returning to normal but I knew she was trying very hard to not to give us away. Her hands went back to gripping the front car seat shoulders.

She was already very wet below but surprisingly, her juices never stopped flowing. Her depth was constantly massaging, sucking and clenching hard on my kkj. I guess she could only work her inner muscles on my length to make herself cum instead of raising and lowering herself on my kkj. Even if she could keep the up-and-down action at a minimum, I think she knew she would still get my parents’ attention.

I should probably stress that there was a large box of my aunt’s paintings right between my parents’ seats and it reached almost to the back seats. It covered us up to our chests. I was so thankful it blocked their vision from what was going on behind them. By now, we are just one turn away from her new neighbourhood. Time was seriously running out liao. She struggled to regain enough composure to tell my mom she felt a slight headache and needed some Panadol from the nearest convenience store. My aunt was desperately trying to buy more time, and her voice was still a little shaky as she spoke.

My mom then told my dad to drive around the neighbourhood to look for a store to get the aspirins. As soon as my dad made a detour, my aunt removed her right hand from the front seat and dipped it down between her thighs. I could feel her finger tips at the base of my kkj as she frantically rubbed her sensitive love button. She was trying to speed up her climax. Her breathing was speeding up again and I could feel her slowly starting to grind her butt down on me.

More accurately, she was putting her entire body weight on her crotch and she was grinding it down in a circular motion against the base of my kkj. There was now an extra sensation of sweet pain from the friction of her pubes on mine, in addition to the feeling of her velvet hot, wet flesh squeezing along my whole length. It felt like I had died and gone to heaven. But at the same time, her weight squished my balls flat and it felt a little painful. I accidentally let out a moan. My concerned mom turned around and assured me that I can get down from the car for a while to ease my numb thighs when we reached the convenience store.

My aunt kept up the act and told my mom that it was probably the heat inside the car that added to my discomfort. My aunt’s voice was even shakier now but her excuse of a headache was ingenious. The whole car was stacked with boxes and it indeed made it stuffy inside. But nothing was hotter than that cheesepie that my kkj was plugging, I thought to myself. I then joked to my mom that I was soaking wet below. My young aunt lifted herself a bit and backed down hard to give me little pain. Maybe she thought I was being sarcastic.

My unsuspecting mom thought we were just being playful with each other, but she would flip if she found out her son’s kkj was buried deep in her youngest sister’s cheesepie. That little act by my aunt also got me wishing quietly for her never to stop doing that. I would give anything to feel her slender, sexy body and shapely butt riding up and down on me now. To feel that dripping wet cheesepie moving up and down on my kkj. To feel that cheesepie lift up to my tip and slide back down along my entire length slowly, all the way until I’m balls deep again. To feel her tremble uncontrollably with pleasure, bouncing herself on my lap while she worked her own juicy pearl with her fingers.

My horny imagination was driving me crazy. Staring at her sweat-soaked, hot and sexy frame in front of me, I had the urge to grab her dress from behind her and rip it to shreds. In my mind, I would stuff my fingers in her mouth to suck, maul her perky boobs, grip her slim waist and rub her lava-hot cheesepie all at the same time. But with my parents here, that would be suicide. So I reached my hands around to at least grab a boob. She intercepted my hands and put them on my side, as if telling me to behave and not be disrespectful by molesting her body. She was my aunt after all.

I was disappointed but I could not complain about what I was already getting. I could feel the wetness left behind by her fingers when she grabbed my hands. I lifted both my hands to my face and took a whiff of her glistening juices. It had a musky and pungent aroma. I proceeded to lick my hands clean. It was a little thick, tasted heady and sweet, mixed with a little bit of sweat. I had always thought cheesepie secretions were dirty and I would never go down on a girl. But my aunt was an exception. I would eat her out anytime, if she wanted me to.

From the corner of her eye, she was always conscious of what I was doing. When she saw me lick her juices off my hands, she gave me a few extra squeezes within her depths. I guess it made her hot to see me do that. Then she slid her butt forward, making a horizontal sliding motion of her butt from my abdomen to my thighs, and back up to my abdomen again. I realised this motion allowed my kkj to slip two inches out of her wet cheesepie and then push back in again. Holy fark! I was glad she was also thinking what I was thinking earlier, about her riding me.

When she backed up into my abdomen, she arched her back all the way and stuck out her butt, making an S shape with her body. It was the female form in all her glory and it was incredibly sexy. When she slid forward to withdraw my kkj from her depths, I could see our point of connection, where my kkj was stretching out her wet hole. I could see her greedy, tight nether lips pulling on my kkj when she slid forward, as if unwilling to let me slip out, not even for that couple of inches. I could see her pink bunk hole, cute and unviolated, constantly squeezing and undulating as my kkj moved in and out of her cheesepie. With this horizontal sliding action of her on me, the juices between our private parts had dried up a little and were starting to get sticky and lathering up. I could also see our mixed carnal juices forming a thin ring of white froth around her nether lips where I enter.

Just then, my dad spotted a Shell station up in front and told us he was going to get the Panadol and refuel at the same time. As my dad drove towards the petrol station, my aunt stopped sliding and playing with herself. She then tapped my mom on her right shoulder and asked her if she could help to get the Panadol. She explained that the back seat was stuffed full of boxes and she would not be able to get out of the car without unloading some. As she leaned forward to talk to my mom, she inadvertently allowed about three inches of my kkj to slip out of her.

My mom agreed that it would be too troublesome to unload the boxes but she was still concerned about my discomfort. Truthfully, my legs were indeed getting numb. I told my mom that I could lessen my agony if I shifted my weight a bit. Without waiting for my aunt to respond, I put both hands on the seat to lift myself up and glide my butt lower down the seat to adopt a slouchier posture. The sticky mixture of sweat and female juices beneath me made it a little difficult to lift my butt from the seat. But more importantly, with my mom still looking at us, I prayed hard that she did not detect the faint but unmistakable smell of intercourse that escaped as I did.

As I adjusted myself on the seat with my aunt on me, my kkj made a jarring probe up into my aunt’s tender cheesepie. I had unintentionally thrust the three inches of my uncoupled man meat back in. She was completely taken by surprise and gasped loudly, right at my mom. Then she immediately covered her mouth and hung her head down, as if overwhelmed by the feeling of sudden penetration and afraid it might show on her face. Her hapless slender frame was shaking, trembling uncontrollably again and she broke out in more cold sweat under her dress. I think I just made her cum.

My clueless mom asked her if she was feeling nauseous and really sure about staying in the car, in this position with me, instead of taking a break outside. My panting aunt struggled to catch her breath before lifting her head and assuring my mom that she was alright. She said she was feeling a little sore below, that’s all. She was lying. She absolutely came. Her yielding depths were desperately tightening and squeezing on my kkj. I could see her left fist gripping tightly on the front car seat and her knuckles turning white. Still, she was resisting the intensity of her climax. Her right hand was still covering her mouth. I guessed she must have very nearly screamed out just now.

As my dad pulled into the Shell station, my aunt tried her best to act casual and adjusted her dress. She took care to smooth the back of her dress down over her butt and cover up the sight of our sinful union. I had no idea what my aunt was up to when she requested for the stop, but I was dead sure she was not having any headache. I knew the only sensible thing to do now was to end this nonsense before we get caught. I was caught in two minds. The levelheaded side of me was praying hard that my aunt was buying time for us to compose ourselves while my parents were out of the car. The lustful, and prevalent, side of me was hoping she would pull out all the stops and fark me outright.

The Shell station was empty as we pulled to a stop, except for one pump attendant. As my aunt sat still on my lap, my dad got down from the car and told the attendant to pump full tank. I noticed that the attendant was a young lady in her mid 20s with average looks, a little skinny and quite safe for landing. She was wearing the Shell uniform and a cap with a pony tail. She seemed quite guniang so I presumed she was a management trainee. My mom got her wallet and followed my dad into the Shell Select store to get the aspirins. As the attendant went to hook the pump nozzle into the fuel tank outlet, her eyes were fixated on my aunt.

There was a look of awe and envy on the attendant’s face. I wasn’t surprised at the attention my aunt got. Everywhere she went, she had no shortage of admirers. That’s mainly owing to the fact that she looks a lot like the Hong Kong actress Chen Fala, especially when she smiles. Even their figure was similar, but I think my aunt has a fairer complexion. If she wasn’t so camera-shy, she could have been a model with her good looks, perfect fair skin, long legs and slim, curvy figure. She would captivate everyone when she walked in the room, regardless of guys or ladies. I always thought that her future husband will be the luckiest man on earth. Her ex-bf was a real idiot for cheating on her.

The attendant couldn’t stop staring at my aunt. I think she sensed that something was amiss. I cocked my head to check the rear view mirror. When I saw my aunt’s face, her cheeks were flushed red and her forehead was wet with perspiration. At this instant, her brows were tightly knit and she was biting on her lower lips. She seemed like she was really enjoying the feeling of my manhood inside her. God damn, she looked so sexy and in heat. No wonder the attendant was staring. Any sexually active woman could tell my aunt was very aroused. And it was obvious there was some hanky-panky going on between us. I panicked a bit. If she blew the whistle on us, we would both be going to jail.

Just as I was worrying, my oblivious aunt finally lost all restraint and took matters into her own hands. She had been longing badly for my parents to leave the car. With them out of the way, she couldn’t give a hoot about who was watching from the side. Her original position was close-legged, with her legs on my knees. Her panties had only been pulled down to mid-thighs. Now, she hooked her soaking wet panties with both thumbs, bent over, pulled them all the way down her long, shapely legs and took them off. She hurriedly stuffed them into one of the packing boxes. I would definitely have to get my hands on those panties later, I thought to myself.

After that, she spread her legs apart to place them on the outside of my calves. As she moved her lovely legs, they were still shaky from her orgasm. I could feel cool air at once on my previously trapped balls. Next, she put both hands on the front seat shoulders for leverage and balance, lifted her right foot then her left, and placed them flat on the seat next to my outer thighs. Her breathing was getting increasingly laboured and she let out soft moans as she shifted. She was now squatting on me with my erection buried to the hilt inside her, primed for an all-out reverse cowgirl ride on my hard meat. I was really panicking liao. The attendant was still watching.

The attendant’s mouth was open in shock at our audacity. Her face was blushing as she stared. Just then, my aunt finally noticed her too. She sat frozen on me for a moment. Incredibly ashamed but too far gone to stop now, my aunt could only put her right finger slowly up to her lips, gesturing to the attendant to keep this naughty secret for her. The attendant replied with an awkward smile and turned her face away with embarrassment, but all the while she could not take her eyes off my beautiful young aunt. Boy, was I glad the attendant was a kinky girl herself. Maybe she thought we were a couple. If only she knew this was my own aunt about to ride me. Anyway, this was our lucky day.

Given this go-ahead from the kind and understanding onlooker, my aunt looked down at her wet opening and fidgeted a bit to get used to this new position. When she finally settled down and made herself comfortable, she looked up to check on my parents. They were window shopping around the store while waiting for the refueling to finish. She then leaned forward a little and put both her hands on my knees. The few strands of stray, thin hair on her fair nape was damn sexy. I knew she was going to ride me now so I couldn’t resist reaching my arms in front of her to try and grab her boobs again. She immediately blocked me by folding her arms on her chest and glanced back at me with annoyance. No hands. Okay, I got it.

I was disappointed. She was treating me like a sybian machine. At that moment, I exist only for her pleasure and to relief her sexual frustrations. Maybe she couldn’t handle any further stimulation to her hot body. Or maybe she was blaming me for seducing her with my erect kkj and making her do this. She put her hands back on my knees and raised herself up my kkj slowly, inch by inch. Droplets of her sweat was rolling down her hot, exposed butt and dripping on my hips. As she lifted her cheesepie up, her pink nether lips were dragged snugly along my man meat. There was also a trail of filmy white cream on my meat trunk as it withdrew from her womanly depths. She continued until only my tip was in her.

My balls and pubic hair were completely soaked in her sweat and juices. I dipped my head down to get a look at her cheesepie. She was almost hairless down there. Even her wet lips were smooth and bare. There was only a small patch of moist, short furry hair on her pubes that resembled a thin mohawk. That sight would be a real turn-on for any guy. My aunt kept herself trim and neat below. She remained elevated for a couple of seconds before slowly lowering her cheesepie down again. From the rear view mirror I could see her mouth open in silent pleasure as I filled her up again. She has long gotten used to my girth and length in her, and she was going to have to ride my kkj hard to reach the next peak. I could feel my sensitive kkj spreading her buttery inner folds as she sat back down on me.

Because she was leaning forward slightly now, I think I hit her g-spot. When I was completely back in her depths, I could feel her shudder and her arms on my knees almost gave way. I intuitively lifted my hands from the seat to hold her above her waist, my fingers just below her clothed breasts, lightly feeling the undersides of her bra underneath her dress. This time she did not resist. I guess she knew I only wanted to help her out instead of trying to cop a feel again. She went faster when she lifted herself to my tip and lowered all the way down again. She was gradually picking up the pace. I checked my parents again. They were still walking around in the store.

We were both aware of the urgency. By now, my aunt’s hands were gripping and pushing hard on my knees, and she was anxiously driving her wet hole up and down on my meat rod. There was a loud and constant piak piak sound when her butt met my hips repeatedly. Her juices and sweat were all over my abdomen, pubes and thighs. My hands were supporting her body, helping her work herself on me. I was also thrusting my hardness upwards to meet each of her downstrokes. She cried out everytime my kkj bottomed out, as my tip would rub against her g-spot. Her hot, wet cheesepie was desperately kneading, sucking and squeezing on my kkj, trying to coax my cum out. God, I would give ten years of my life to plug a hot cheesepie like that again.

The bad news was, all my pcc experience was working against me. Despite the life-changing sensations, I needed to cum and end this quick. Her strength was waning in this position, so she arched her back and leaned backwards on me. She removed her hands from my knees and reached below to spread her wet lips and finger her dripping button. She rested her head on my left shoulder. I admired her fair skin from her collar to her cleavage, and the sweet smell of shampoo in her hair. While she changed her posture, she never broke her rhythm. In fact, she sped up with renewed vigor until she was now frantically riding me out in reverse cowgirl like a pawn star. She was getting more vocal. Her girly moans were getting louder. I could tell she was near but I was still some way off.

My kkj was pistoning in and out of her receptive depths like a well-oiled machine. Her juices were flowing and provided much-needed lubrication. If I let her dictate the pace, I wouldn’t be able to cum with her. I took the initiative and put both palms under her asscheeks and pushed her up. She got confused for a while and stopped. As she remained elevated, I started to pump my pelvis, forcefully driving my meat rod in and out of her from below. I withdrew until my kkj almost disengaged, then stabbed it all in again. She almost screamed from the intensity of my thrusts. My swinging balls slapped against her love button on every upstroke. There was no need for her hands anymore. She removed them from her cheesepie, then covered her mouth with her right hand and pulled her luscious hair with her left, as though lost in ecstasy.

I was driving her nuts with my powerful thrusts. She was letting me take charge, so I gave her everything I got. I could feel my tip banging on the door of her cervix, rubbing her g-spot along the way. My breathless aunt pouted her open mouth in an o-shape and tilted her head skywards. She had completely given in to my kkj. The attendant licked her lips while watching my aunt and I fug with abandon. Fortunately, she noticed my parents were already paying at the counter and decided to help us out seeing as we were too engrossed to notice. She went into the store and stalled them by coming up with an excuse. I didn’t know what she said but it worked. My parents stayed in there while she came back to wipe our windscreen.

My parents looked towards the car, wondering if we were alright. From where they were, it was hard to see what was going on in here. Moreover the attendant was blocking their view. The helpful attendant now had a full view of us making out. She could see how hard I was thrusting my hard kkj into my aunt, our mixed juices overflowing from her saturated tight hole, down my balls and inner thighs, and onto the seat. She could also see my aunt’s blissful expression as I lifted and dropped her with my hands under her hot naked butt, her chest rising and falling with caught breaths, loud moans and suppressed screams amid immense satisfaction.

Having a spectator brought the excitement to new heights for me. I felt like a pawn actor, virile and idolised, who was making taboo love to an incredibly attractive woman while turning an envious stranger on. The attendant was sure taking her own sweet time wiping the windscreen, waiting for us to finish. My thrusts were sending ripples of pleasure up my aunt. I could feel her starting to tremble and grind her cheesepie in a circular motion again as she was pumped up and down on my hard rod. She was going to cum again. This time I could feel myself getting close too. If I could cum with her, we could stop this in time for my parents to return to the car.

My arms were getting exhausted from supporting her weight, so I slid them up her body and held onto her waist. Without my hands on her butt, she had to take over control once more. She sat straight on me and moved her arms behind her to push against my tummy while she used her legs to bounce herself. As she laboured above me, all her concentration was on the ride. She had no more energy to fight me when I moved my hands from her waist to under her grab-size breasts, probably C-cups. I weighed them in my hands and spread my fingers upwards to cup them and give them a teasing squeeze. I could feel her erect nipples poking thru her thin dress and bra, just under my finger tips. As I gave both nipples a light pinch and rolled them between my index fingers and thumbs, she took in a sharp breath.

She sighed as I continued assaulting her twin mounds, resigned to letting her nephew have his way with her body. I bet she didn’t expect me to be the one to enjoy the fruits of her hard work in all those hours of yoga. She kept her body fit, trim and nubile in hopes of finding a good man for marriage. But here she is riding her nephew’s erect pole, moaning like a wanton whore, trying to make us both cum. She should be very ashamed of herself. It would be very hard for us to look each other in the eye again. But I was not done. I had to feel her down there. To push a finger tip between her cheesepie lips and play with her love pearl. To hear her moan a little louder and shiver a little more as I fingered her.

Just as I was about to cup her crotch in my right hand and spread her wet lips with my fingers, she jerked violently down on me and screamed. I had to use both hands to cover her mouth or she would have blown our cover. Her wet depths were grasping and squeezing on my kkj for dear life. Her whole body tensed up and I could see the strain on her back and neckline, as I muffled her screams. Fark, she had cum again and I was so damn close. So I hugged her waist and pulled her back on to me. I thrust my pelvis upwards and pumped her strongly with another ten full strokes of my hard meat. My climax finally arrived and I started shooting my long-awaited cum deep into her on my last stroke.

When the dam broke, it had a feeling of pain and liberation. I felt the first burst of liquid hotness breach my tip, before releasing the flood of cum into my young aunt’s depths. As I hugged her tight around her waist, my jerking kkj kept creaming her insides, splashing ropes and ropes of pent-up frustration deep into her. This was enough to give her the most intense orgasm yet. She bit hard on her left knuckles to stifle her own screams as she came all over my kkj once again. Though we climaxed in tandem, I was completely drained after a few more jerks in her, but her whole body kept shaking and twitching uncontrollably. With my kkj still buried in her cheesepie, I could feel her continue to have multiple mini orgasms even after I was done.

I slumped back onto the seat with my arms still around my aunt, totally exhausted. She lay on me, winded but slowly coming down from her climax. We were basking in the afterglow of sexual satisfaction. I could feel my overflowing man juice brim over from her saturated hole and escaping thru her stretched lips. A stream of cum seeped out around my still-hard kkj and down my balls. The attendant had already finished wiping the windscreen but stayed riveted to the scene before her. She must have been mind-farked to see us do each other and cum in broad daylight. But she was the least of my worries. I looked up to check on my parents. They were coming out of the store.

My aunt hurriedly freed herself from my embrace by pulling my arms off her waist and put her feet down from the seat. Then she sat up, straightened her dress and smoothed it over her bare butt while catching her breath as my parents walked back to the car. By the time they reached the car, we were sitting quietly and trying to act nonchalant. Except for my aunt’s flushed face and our sweat soaked clothes, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. At first they didn’t suspect anything. But as my mom opened the door, she noticed a strange smell in here. She couldn’t quite put a finger on it. It was familiar, yet indistinct. Seeing as the car was stuffed full of my aunt’s old belongings, she brushed it off and got back in the front seat. My dad was oblivious to his surroundings as usual. Thank goodness.

As my dad prepared to drive off, my mom turned and reassured me that I only had to bear my aunt on my lap for just a little while more. As my mom said it within the attendant’s earshot, her jaws dropped. She was instantly stunned and stood rooted to the spot, shocked by the realisation that we were aunt and nephew. She must have thought we were just a regular couple all along, so I guess it was hard for her to digest what had just happened. While my dad drove away, I could see her still staring at the two of us with a bewildered look on her face. After we left the petrol station, we were now about only three minutes from my aunt’s new place. I could feel myself going limp inside her.

There was hardly any time left to discretely free my kkj, pull up my shorts and clean up this mess without my parents noticing. Aware that we are both very short of time, my aunt leaned forward and asked for the Panadol and a bottle of water from my mom. She slid forward on my lap to disengage my kkj as she was talking, giving me the chance to pull out. My kkj had gone completely flaccid by then, so that was easy. As I pulled out, I could see a small gush of cum run from her gaping female hole, down between her legs and onto the seat. I lifted my butt a little off the seat, and pulled my crumpled, sodden shorts up. Only the juices on the car seat were left to clean up. I feigned innocence and asked my aunt for a towel to wipe my sweat.

Without replying, she quickly reached for one of the boxes at her side, took a clean towel out and threw it behind her. All the while she was facing the front, too awkward and embarrassed to look back at me just like when she was bouncing on my meat stick earlier. As she was sitting slightly forward on my lap, there was a space between her butt and me. I reached under her with the towel and wiped up all the sweat, mixed juices and cum on the seat. After that, I pressed the towel against the moist gap between her legs to soak up my cum from her sore, still-leaking hole. She subconsciously arched her sexy butt upwards and let out an obliging mew while conversing with my mom. Just as I finished cleaning us up, we had arrived at the carpark of her block. I quickly stuffed the damp towel into a box.

My parents were first to get down and open the door for us. My aunt handed them her keys right away and asked them to help bring the things in the trunk up to her flat first while we unload the stuff from the back seat. After they had gone, my aunt grabbed the front seats, lifted her naked butt and finally got off my lap. As she proceeded to unload the boxes, she turned away from me and kept silent. She was deliberately avoiding me. After we got out and cleared the car of her belongings, I decided to break the ice and told her gently that I was fine with what happened. She turned around and slapped me hard on my face.

There were tears in her lovely eyes and her lips were quivering as she said in a very soft but indignant voice, “I’m not a slut.” I tried to comfort her but no words came out. I understood she wasn’t ready to speak to me yet. But I sincerely hoped this incident will not cause irreparable damage to our kinship because I still love and respect her as my dearest young aunt. As these thoughts ran through my head, she left me alone with the car, quietly carrying her stuff with her. As I watched her climb the stairs, I could see a thin trail of my cum running down her inner thighs. And once more, there was an unapologetic stirring in my loins.

The end.

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  1. Great story... I had to fuck my GF a few times while reading this.. After the second load I shot into her, she started to wonder what made me so horny!! LMAO!